Our acetylene plants are entirely designed and manufactured at our factory in New Delhi (India). Our engineers have high level of expertise in designing and manufacturing. Each component is manufactured immaculately and is tested thoroughly before being assembled. After assembly, each unit is checked for its performance and is improved if its performance is not up to the mark. Customers can stay assured of the quality. We incorporate the latest features in the plant usually not found in other plants available in the market. Fully automated, it can be easily operated by an operator requiring only half an hour of instruction.

How Acetylene is Produced?

Acetylene is generated by reacting Calcium Chloride with Water. The reaction also produces calcium hydroxide and heat.

CaC2 + 2H2O = Ca (OH) 2 + C2H2 Delta H = – 32.5 kcal

Calcium Carbide is moved into hoppers of acetylene Generator and by using carbide feed mechanism rated amount of carbide is reacted with water. As a result, acetylene is produced immediately because the reaction is instantaneous. Cooling of acetylene gas causes condensation of water molecules which are eliminated using Acetylene Drier. Next, the dry acetylene is fed into an acetylene purifier where it reacts with regenerative type purifying mass for removal of impurities like H2S and Phosgene. Ammonia scrubber is used for eliminating of ammonia gas. Finally, acetylene is compressed, filtered & dried with Acetylene filters & driers and then filled into cylinders that contain Porus Monolithic Mass and acetone.

Working Process of Acetylene Plant

Every process of acetylene plant is triggered by pneumatically controlled valves and assisted by highly sensitive sensors which are integrated with the temperature control instruments. Then, inlet valves or residue drain valve are opened. Two hydraulic pumps are used for opening and closing the supply of calcium carbide, which is fed into the generator by screw feed conveyors. The screw feed mechanism and the agitator is run by flame-proof motors and fittings. Entire operation of the plant is well-coordinated to deliver efficient functioning. Any failure is in function is signaled visually or audibly when the alarm is rung.

High quality flame proof lights and electrical fittings complying with IS2148-68 (Group II) or BSS-229 are used in the manufacturing of acetylene gas plant. And, acetylene cylinders must also meet 7312: 1974 or ICC: 8 specifications. Safety is a priority with while designing, fabricating and manufacturing of the plant. High pressure reverse flow check valves, safety valves, flash back arrestors and the whole gauging is used for protection of personnel and equipment.


We are one of the leading & oldest brands in acetylene plants and oxygen plants. We use state-of-the-art cryogenic technology and Linde process design engineering in the fabrication of oxygen plants. The LINDE DESIGN originated in EUROPE and is adapted by most of the European Manufacturers. Our plants are trusted for reliability, low capital cost, high efficiency and global quality standards. We offer wide range of products in different capacities and sizes. We offer responsive after sales service which is trusted by our world-wide clientele.


Our entire endeavor is to deliver high quality acetylene plants which are certified by world-renowned quality assurance companies. Our plants have been awarded with CE and ISO 9000:2015 certifications. Materials used in fabrication are of great quality. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we ensure high level safety and environmental protection. Our clientele is based all over the globe including Argentina ,Chile, Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, UAE, Dubai, Jordan, Maldives, Spain, Brazil, Seychelles, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, South Africa, Benin, Columbia, Europe, Turkey, Germany , etc.

Our packing of acetylene plants for shipping to clients around the globe is in total compliance with international standards. Their arrival in good and safe condition is guaranteed as we each shipping is planned by shipping department as per CE standards Europe. A thorough 3D plan of each shipment is prepared to know how the packages will fit inside the container with minimum wastage of space. We have got special container stuffing facility at our factory in New Delhi.

Manufacturing Since 1985
30+ Years Of Exp
50+ Countries World Wide


Acetylene Plants

Acetylene Generator

Our acetylene generator is trusted for its efficiency and reliability. The generator is fully automated and is manufactured in technical collaboration with ING. L. & A. Boschi of Italy. We incorporate pneumatically controlled valves along with modern sensors and temperature controller to make it fully automatic. It has capacity for amazing absorption of gas in cylinders. Low power consumption and long life span are some of the important features.

Acetylene Plants

Acetylene purifier

We manufacture acetylene purifier which is user-friendly and has compact designing. Our purifier is divided into 2 sections by wire mesh framework, each section charged of purifying mass. Impurities such as hydrogen sulphide, phosgene, etc, are consumed by chemicals in the purifying mass. The equipment has low operating cost and high yield.

Acetylene Plants

Acetylene Condenser

Our acetylene plant is fabricated with acetylene condenser that cools the acetylene gas generator, which is hot and laden with moisture and other gaseous impurities. It improves efficiency and lengthens life-cycle of the plant. The acetylene gas leaving the generator is hot and takes along with it some water vapor and other impurities. The condenser is used for cooling the gas and condenses the excessive moisture in preparation for its subsequent elimination.

Acetylene Plants

Low Pressure Dryer

Low pressure Dryer is a pressure vessel charged with solid anhydrous carbide that soaks the moisture in the gas. High quality drier improves efficiency of the acetylene plant. It absorbs the moisture in the gas. If some of moisture is needed to enable the chemical purifier to function effectively, a provision is made for a by-pass for allowing a part or whole of the gas to be directly admitted into the chemical purifier.

Acetylene Plants

Acetylene Ammonia Scrubber

Our Acetylene Ammonia scrubber is a vertical vessel equipped with a level gauge and water make-up line. A particular level as marked on the level indicator, which has to be maintained for efficient working. It is installed between the chemical purifier and Acetylene compressor and helps to remove impurities from the gas. It is manufactured with solid designing and high quality materials as it plays an important role in the overall functioning of the plant.

Acetylene Plants

Acetylene Filling Manifold

It is made up of a battery of filling connections, which are used for connecting gas cylinders. Also, non-return valves are employed to adjoin various sections of the pipeline to the filling manifold. This ensures safety for the working of the plant. The non-return valves are important for the safe operation and should be periodically checked. The acetylene manifold should be cleaned from time to time to remove rust and scales.


UNIVERSAL is a world class company in the engineering sector for manufacturing and supplying Acetylene Plant with the technical Designs and drawings technology and assistance of ING. L. & A. BOSCHI of Italy, a company since 1930. Since 1985, we have been manufacturing acetylene plant in India using high quality materials.

  • Fully Automatic
  • No bulky gas holder required
  • Automatic controls for feeding water
  • No gas loss and high yield
  • High Safety
  • Very simple and safe to operate
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Twin Hoppes Generator
  • Automatic Screw Feed

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